Throughout the last school year, parents and community members saw VISD make major strides in how we communicated and listened. We know that communicating for impact is essential. In VISD we believe that effective two-way communication is the lifeblood that builds trust and ownership in our community. It is for this reason that we are always striving for continuous improvement and we are open to evolving our communication methods so we are consistently reaching all of our parents and community members.

As the 2023-24 school year begins, we want to recap all the ways to stay in the know with all things VISD!

Victoria ISD website 

The Victoria ISD website is the first place for all district-wide information! Bookmark and add it to your favorites to stay on top of the latest news coming out of VISD and to access up-to-date information like announcements, events, directories, and more. The VISD website houses everything from news releases, School Matters columns, #AlumniSpotlight stories, and so much more! You can review board agendas, watch school board meetings live, and stay up to date on the work of the Bond Oversight Committee. 

Campus websites 

If you’re looking for information from a specific VISD campus, each campus maintains their own campus website. You can find campus websites by visiting, clicking on ‘schools,’ and selecting your campus. That will take you to the campus website which will be updated with specific information pertaining to that school. 

Administration Report

VISD’s administration reports can also be found on the district website. To access these, click on ‘MENU’ and scroll down to Administration Reports. By clicking on that, you will not only find administration reports for 2019 to present but also monthly reports by clicking on the year. 

Got Questions? Let’s Talk!

Because we are always striving to get your questions answered correctly and quickly, we’ve made some improvements to Let’s Talk! When you visit the District or campus websites and use the Let’s Talk chatbox, you have the option to “Ask a Question” or “Contact our Team.”

When you select “Ask a Question,” you will be required to enter your name and email, and then the virtual assistant will allow you to ask a question. The virtual assistant can answer very general questions that are not student-specific. The best part? If your question isn’t answered, you can select a topic and submit your question directly to that department.

If you choose “Contact our Team,” you can pick a specific topic to address and submit a question, comment, suggestion, concern, or even a compliment. This will be submitted directly to the department that would be able to help you. Using Let’s Talk ensures that your question will be sent to the right person and that you will get a timely response with the information you need.

VISD School Board Meetings, watch LIVE!

We know that life is busy and you can’t always make in-person school board meetings, so we make them available to be live-streamed through the VISD website. Board meetings can be streamed live and watched afterward on by clicking on ‘MENU,’ scrolling down to ‘School Board’ (under ‘HOME’), then clicking on ‘View Board Meetings.’ 

We are excited to be continuing our partnership with the City of Victoria Communications Department and TV15. Every Sunday and Wednesday at 1 p.m., Fridays at 5 p.m., and Saturdays at 9 p.m., you can watch our most recent regularly scheduled school board meeting on local cable channels 15 and 115. TV15 also is streaming and can be viewed online at

School Matters weekly e-newsletter

The district's first-ever e-newsletter is in its third volume this school year, and our subscription list keeps growing! This makes us super happy because the weekly e-newsletter has the most recent district-wide news and information. Every month, we feature a VISD alum in our #AlumniSpotlight and the recipient of our Atzenhoffer Champion of the Month.

Check out the School Matters weekly e-newsletter (and SUBSCRIBE), visit

VISD Mobile App

For parents, family, and community members on the go, lucky you, we have an app! It’s literally everything VISD in your pocket. Available in iOS and Android, you can download the Victoria ISD app for quick and easy access to the news and announcements that are available on our website. You can also select your child’s school to add to your “My Schools” list and allow for push notifications so that you’re in the know!

Victoria ISD on YouTube

If you haven’t subscribed to the Victoria ISD YouTube channel, what are you waiting for? The VISD Communications are amping up our video content with more VISD Highlights, A Minute with Dr. Shepherd, and more! For the second year in a row, we live-streamed three high school graduations, and we don’t plan on stopping. 

Our job is to provide YOU with updates about what's happening, what's new, and improvements being made, and doing so in a way that reaches every stakeholder possible. The VISD Communications Department is hyperfocused on building a culture of continuous improvement in effective two-way communication efforts in what we do. 

To stay on top of the latest in Victoria ISD, visit

Ashley Scott is the executive director of communications & public relations for Victoria ISD.