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Dual Language

Housed at Crain Elementary and open to incoming Kindergarten students of all languages! Give your child the gift of two languages.  

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Our STEM pathway fosters a design-based model that supports 21st-century skills like communication, collaboration, and problem-solving, which are embedded into a STEM environment.

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P-TECH offers students a no-cost pathway that will lead to post-secondary credentials. VISD offers four P-TECH pathways! 

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Personalized Learning

Personalized Learning is an approach that empowers learners by involving them in their learning at every stage! 

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ACE initiative targets three elements: strong school leadership, best-fit teachers, and high expectations for both students and staff to accelerate the transformation of a school!

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A strong start to early childhood is. critical! Pre-K children learn to socialize with peers, manage emotions, and get the foundational academic skills to boost lifetime learning.

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Career and Technical Education allows students to enroll in courses that promote academic, technical, and employability skills necessary to earn industry-recognized certifications.

Cade Middle School- In action

Live Streaming Promo
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