Cade Middle School

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Cade Staff Ready for 6th & 7th Grade Bulldog Parade

Kindness Club Members Recognize Bulldogs with Written Kindness Hearts - Enrichment Day

Art Appreciation - 6th Grade Kindness Enrichment Day

7th Graders Walk on the Track to Collect Charity Miles - Sea of Kindness

Sidewalk Art - Sea of Kindness Enrichment Day

Sea of Kindness Enrichment Day - 7th Grade 

6th Graders create Friendship Bracelets during Kindness Enrichment Day

1st Place Champions

Cade's Teacher of Year - Mrs. Diggs

Cade Spelling Bee Winner - Laney Aiken (left), Cade Spelling Bee Runner Up - Phoenix Sauceda (right)

Cade Student Council presented "Polar Express All Aboard" to Schorlemmer and Vickers' Elementary Students

Cade Kindness Club assisted Compassionate Servers by Preparing Quilts and Pillows for Local Cancer and Kidney Dialysis Patients

Cade Middle School NJHS join Retama Nursing Home for their Pink Out Day!

7th NJHS Lead Recycling Project for the Cade Campus

Snow at Cade

December 8, 2017 Cade has snow!!

Harold Cade Middle School

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