Cade Middle School

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Lunch Visitor Policy

Several parents and family members value the opportunity to have lunch with their child during the school day. Below are Cade guidelines we expect visitors to follow when visiting during lunch hours.

  1. Any individual requesting to eat lunch with a student during the school day must be listed on the child’s contact/emergency information.
  2. Only your child will be allowed to eat lunch with you. Children are not allowed to share food with each other. We have a designated area for you to sit, in the school foyer
  3. A visitor’s badge given to you by the front office staff when you check-in must be visible to staff members.
  4. The lunch visit must take place during the student’s regular scheduled lunch time.
  5. The lunch visitor must sit with the child during the scheduled lunch time and at the designated area. No fast food may be dropped off at the front office since it is not allowed in the school cafeteria.
  6. The student is required to follow all school and cafeteria procedures including:
      • Sitting in their own seat and remaining seated during the visit and
      • Staying off all technology devices
  1. Visitors are not allowed to take pictures, video or audio recordings during the visit.
  2. Lunch visitors may not visit other areas of the campus without prior approval.

Any questions or concerns need to be directed to the front office. Please note that staff on duty are focused on safety and monitoring of students.