Cade Middle School

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Water Bottle Policy

We, at Cade, will allow students to have water in the classrooms with the following considerations:

  • The container must contain water and water only. No juice, soda, addables (flavors), or energy drinks.
  • The container must be clear and have a closeable lid of some sort; this will be a screw-on lid or a push top.
  • The water may only be consumed in the first five minutes of class, the last five minutes of class, or at the discretion of the teacher for the remaining time not mentioned.
  • The student will be responsible to fill the bottle between classes. A student may not leave class to fill a bottle.
  • Classroom rules regarding the use of the restroom will be in effect. Students need to take care of restroom needs before class starts and one must be responsible for the amount of water that is taken in during classroom time.
  • Bottles are not to be in close proximity to any technology (computers, overheads, document cameras, smart writes, or projectors)
  • Water will not be allowed in any computer class or computer lab, as well as the library.
  • Water bottles are not to be played with on school grounds. This includes throwing the bottle or pouring the contents of the bottle onto another student or teacher.
Any failure to follow the policy will result in the student losing the privilege of having water in the classrooms