Cade Middle School

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ID Badge Policy

Students are required to have IDs on at all times during the school day and at any school function. At Cade Middle School, this means students must wear their ID on a lanyard around their neck. Lanyards are colored coded to identify grade levels: White for 6th grade, Gold for 7th grade and Black for 8th grade.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure safety and security on the Cade campus for approximately 900 students and 100 staff members who are on campus each day. Each student is issued a plastic ID card and lanyard.

The first ID card is free. A charge of $5.00 will be made for replacement cards.

This card must be presented to school personnel upon request for identification.The badge must be worn around the neck and be visible. Before school, all students will enter the building using the cafeteria doors. Student badges are checked at this point of entry.

If the student forgets their badge at home, they must report to the foyer in the morning and will be issued a temporary badge.

Cost of a temporary badge is $1.00.

Student may purchase an additional badge for 5.00 to keep in their backpack in case they forget their badge at home.

Consequences for noncompliance with student ID badge policy:

  • Verbal correction
  • Parent contact
  • Badge fee/charged to student account
  • Detention
  • In School Suspension

Students are required to present ID badges at school events.