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Cade Tabletop Club

Welcome to the Cade Tabletop Club page!
Due to the precautions this year, we are not able to have face to face meetings at this time. That will hopefully change in the future!
The Cade Tabletop Club's focus is to build life skills and community in a fun way. Most of the games provided focus on the players working together to overcome obstacles in creative ways, and are focused on building teamwork among the players. We do still have some friendly competition, but at the end of the day the objective is community.
Because of the concerns surrounding the health of our students, this year we're having to make a bit of a shift: We'll be focusing on games we can play virtually. The club will be organizing Pen and Paper RPGs (games similar to Dungeons & Dragons for you Stranger Things fans and old school nerds), and facilitating these games through conferencing platforms for the time being.
Basic Club Information:
Meetings: Every Friday after school via Teams @ 3pm. ** This is subject to change when the full day schedule resumes
Eligibility: Any Cade student with a passing average can join
See the "How to Join" page for more info