Cade Middle School

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Cade Middle School Teacher of the Year

Mrs. Wenske has worked with VISD since 1991 at both Crain Middle School and Cade Middle School, and started her career as a resource teacher.
Although never planned to become a teacher. She graduated with a B.A. in Computer Science and worked as a computer programmer before becoming a stay at home mom. After seeing an ad in the paper for a teaching certificate program, she decided to enroll, and she soon found that teaching was her passion.
“We have all heard the phrase, “My glass is half-empty,” or “My glass is half-full.” As educators, we must help our students discover just how full their glasses are,” Mrs. Wenske said. “There may be learning difficulties…or [family issues]…but how students approach the difficulties in their lives will affect their happiness and their future.”
“The message I want to share with my students is to look for the best in themselves and those are around them. If I can encourage them to find their strengths and be proud of what they can accomplish, then I have done my job.”
Thank you Mrs. Wenske for your dedication to our students at VISD! #VISDProud